Our Story

Maya’s Nest evolved from an overgrown and unproductive piece of land in Barangay Malaya, Nagcarlan, Laguna. It started as an organic hobby farm with fruit trees, hundreds of indigenous plants and hardwood, flowering shrubs, salad vegetables, a ‘sinigang’ and ‘pinakbet’ garden, herbs and medicinal plants. It was nature’s pharmacy and we called it the Healing Leaf Farm.

A few years back, a typhoon packing 300 kilometers wind per hour flattened almost all the vegetation in the farm. As soon as the winds calmed down, we did everything we could to nurse them back to health. Our farm was one of the first to turn green in the area and the fruits and flowers attracted birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects. They decided to call it home and went to work.

We had the priceless experience of watching Mother Nature take over the task of regenerating the land and turning it into a food forest. The pictures on our website show what she did, but they cannot fully capture the beauty and magnificence of nature at its best – the burst of colors, the rain forest foliage, the smells of gardenia, Ilang ilang, camia, Dama de niche, orange and passion fruit blossoms, the cool, pure air. They can not bring to life the sounds of chirping birds or the last songs of dying crickets, fireflies glowing in the dark, frogs croaking in the rain, the rustle of leaves, the smell of the earth after it rains, the splendour of peacocks showing off their colors. One has to see, touch, feel, smell, taste, breathe it in.

Our friends and guests strongly suggested that we share our little slice of paradise with people looking for healing or rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. The seeds of Maya’s Nest was planted.

Maya’s Nest

Nestled in one end of the property, Maya’s Nest is a cluster of duplex cottages around a lazy river pool. It was named after the hundreds of small birds that fly around and sing all day.

To preserve the sanctuary environment and facilitate healing and rejuvenation, we opted to keep the footprint small. Unlike most resorts around us, our facilities can only be accessed by guests with prior reservation.

The rooms are designed with the guests’ comfort in mind. Natural light and ventilation and views of the lush greenery outside can be enjoyed in all rooms. Air conditioning is provided but we encourage guests to take advantage of the pure fresh air by opening their windows especially at night when the air is cool. Clean and comfortable bed linens as well as basic toiletries are provided. Guests can brew their own fresh herbal teas anytime by harvesting mint or tarragon from the planters outside their rooms.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the property. Hard liquor consumption is also discouraged. Since we are in a farm environment, we discourage bringing food and eating In the guest rooms so as to keep away rodents and unwanted insects. All meals should be taken in the dining area.

To enjoy the sounds of nature and respect guests in quiet contemplation, we ask guests to keep loud noises to a minimum.

We hope you will have a memorable stay at Maya’s Nest, our little slice of paradise!